Fanzine, 2020
With Sebastià Rambla-Vidal

The advent calendar is a tradition that began in the protestant Germany of the 19th century, where the kids lit up a candle for each day of the advent days. That is, from the first day of the advent until Christmas Eve. With the years, this tradition evolved and, in the 20s, the first advent calendar that we know now was created. A calendar was printed with a chocolate per day to make the wait until Christmas day sweeter for the kids.

2020 hasn’t been an easy year, especially for those who have been feeling more lonely, farther and even alone from the rest. That’s why, during the days until Christmas, Sebastià Rambla-Vidal and I decided to create our own advent calendar to sweeten the wait until what will probably be the weirdest Christmas of our lives.

The fanzine was printed and sold to raise funds for the charity Amics de la gent gran. You can see the full fanzine here.