Magazine, 2018

We stopped being muses to become the artists.

Feminist art magazine created as a space for young female artists to display their art, and, at the same time, to highlight women who are referents in different disciplines.

Created as the final postgraduate project in Graphic Design at IDEP 2018, I covered the conceptualization, content search, writing, editorial design and prototype of the publication.

We've all have grown up surrounded by the masculine vision of art due to a permanent silencing of female artists throughout the history of art. Not only because of the lack of opportunities or prohibition but also because of the appropriation of their work by husbands, fathers or the man who was in charge.
Even though this is changing, in creative fields as cinema the ratio of women in positions of responsibility such as direction or production is very low. We all could think about 20 male directors in no time, but most of us could not even say 5 female ones. There are no worse female artists, there are women with fewer opportunities. Of course, this can also be applied to all oppressed minorities: racialized people, the LGTBIQ+ collective or those in difficult economic situations.

I think it is very important to support young artists and especially oppressed groups because if it is already difficult to excel in art itself, being part of a minority is even more complicated. Activism should not stay on social media but also expand to our daily consume: support feminist bands, attend exhibitions by feminist artists and read feminist authors.

Content and Design

The publication is organized in two big blocks: the first one is more focused on written content suc

h as essays, interviews and reportages followed by all the visual content, where the artists –grouped by their discipline– explain their work.

In the first number, you will find architecture, music, photography and cinema, illustration and comic and poetry. The goal is to have different approaches in different disciplines but with a feminine point of view. All the content of the magazine is curated by myself and was ceased by the artists and authors. Texts are either written by journalists –credited in the pages–, the artists or myself.

The design is quite minimalist and elegant but playful, as I wanted the art to be the main focus of the piece. For this reason, the colours used are quite desaturated and neutral. This choice, along with the main typeface used, Eksell Display –which is quite curvy and sinuous–, gives a feminine touch to the design.

You can find a prototype of the magazine on Issuu.

I want to thank all the artists than wanted to collaborate with this magazine totally altruistically: Núria Moon, Ana Galvañ, Aina Fontich, María Grau Piqué, Yolanda Berzosa, Lola Comendador, Miriam Cerezo, and Naia Estíbaliz. Also to my tutor and guide Roser Padrés, who helped my to find my way.

Together we are stronger.