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Early 70s, Spain. A group of workers decide to meet lawlessly to organize a huge national strike against the dictatorship regime. At the same time, an agent from the secret police knows way too much about the meeting.

Siroco is a historical-fiction short film born as an end-degree project by a group of students from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. You can find more in our Instagram and Film Freeway page.

Siroco arises from the historical interest and the need to tell a story inspired by events that happened during Franco's dictatorship in Spain. The fact that close relatives from the director of the project, Paula Gallego, were involved in similar situations from first hand, inspired the essence and development of the story.

We believe that it's important to pay a small tribute to those whom, from below, fought against the dictatorship's repression, facing terrible consequences. Throughout Franco's regime, the opponents of the dictatorship were forced to live and fight underground, risking their own physical integrity and even their lives. Thanks to them, the opposition did not die and they became able to recover certain rights that had been lost to the arrival of Franco. Nowadays, in the situation in which our country and the whole world is and with the rise of ultra-conservative ideas, we believe that it's more important than ever to remember these anonymous heroes and not let it all come to nothing.

Budget and Production

Siroco is an indie self-produced project. In order to collect the money to make this film possible, we made a Verkami campaign for €2500, with €1000 added by the team. That €3500 budget covered production, camera and sound gear, cinematography, costume and makeup design, set production, film editing and the original score.

As a reward depending on their contribution, our patrons received merchandising as tote bags, stickers, posters and exclusive polaroid photographies made in the filming set. The illustration was made by the amazing artist Celeste Ciafarone.

Awards and Screenings

LELOUN International Film Festival 2020
Syrian Arab Republic
2nd Free Independent Film Weekend 2020

Stuttgart, Germany
Official Selection
Lift-Off Global Network First-Time Filmmaker Sessions 2019
Pinewood studios, United Kingdom
Official Selection
The 6th China International Micro-Films Exhibition 2019
Beijing, China
Official Selection
Festival Internazionale del Cortometraggio Dino De Laurentiis 2018
Torre Annunziata, Italy
Official Selection
Muestra de Cine Social Luminiscence 2018
Alicante, Spain
Best Opera Prima
Cerdanya Film Festival 2018
Puigcerdà, Spain
Best Emerging Director's Award + Special mention from the jury in Production Design


The main team was formed by Eric de Pablos, Clàudia Garcia, Paula Gallego and myself, Sara Latorre. The rest of the team that made this project possible were friends and classmates kind enough to collaborate with us, including the actors, most of them professionals.

Actors and Actresses –  Xavier Pàmies, Xeui Jiménez, Raül Tortosa, Vanessa Buchaca, Eloy López, Pol Figuerola, Alex Mitjà, Marta Antolín 
Production – 
Eric de Pablos, Claudia García, Paula Gallego, Sara Latorre
Direction – 
Paula Gallego
Screenplay -
Eric de Pablos, Claudia García, Paula Gallego, Sara Latorre
Cinematography – 
Eric de Pablos
Production Design – 
Sara Latorre
Original Score – 
Sergio Ramis
Editing – 
David Abades Barclay
Sound Design – 
Marcel Basté
Costume Design – 
Sara Latorre
Makeup and Hairstyling – 
Sara Latorre,  Judith Martínez